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The Hobbit : les premières critiques sur le HFR sont tombées ...

Messagepar FilmsActu » Mar 4 Déc 2012 17:05

The Hobbit : les premières critiques sur le HFR sont tombées ...
La technologie fait toujours débat !

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Messagepar Marius » Mar 4 Déc 2012 18:05

A force de parler du HFR, ils ont oublié de dire si le film été bien ou non


Messagepar nic727 » Mar 4 Déc 2012 19:43

Moi j'irai essayer le HFR pour voir... Il faut une période d'adaptation comme celle qu'il y a eu pour la 3D, donc je crois que le prochain film sera encore meilleur.


Messagepar Rizky » Ven 12 Avr 2013 12:39

to have Odin-like traits like the abtiliy to change form (fish, bears etc.). They were dressed in bear pelts (ber: bear serker: hide/pelts). When they went in combat they were painted black and went in extasy before entering the fight naked. They were the horror of the Romans. Link:


Messagepar hgzqxocpdos » Ven 12 Avr 2013 19:19

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Messagepar Buffy » Dim 28 Avr 2013 08:44

that, it seems that, even these days, big movie productions still have a tendency to either kill off their strong women (good example: “Avatar”) or strongly display their actions as motivated by romance – even Eowyn in “The Return of the King” was shown to be motivated much more by her love for Aragorn than she ever was in the book. I think that’s a real shame, as it just keeps continuing to reinforce old stereotypes that do justice to neither women nor men.Now don’t get me wrong – I am in no way saying that everyone should be 100% politically correct all the time, but I do think that a podcast with such a wide and loyal listener base should try to be a bit less clichéd when it comes to gender roles.Please keep up the otherwise great work! As always, I can’t wait for the next episode, and am keeping my fingers crossed for a new season of “Secrets of Middle-Earth” as well!

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