Ace Ventura 3 : La jaquette qui fait peur !


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Spider sciences
Définition stricte
D'après Michel Blay10, la science est « la connaissance claire et certaine de quelque chose, fondée soit sur des principes évidents et des démonstrations, soit sur des raisonnements expérimentaux, ou encore sur l'analyse des sociétés et des faits humains ».
Spider Man(2002)

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Mr. Caplan

Icon-mmpr This article is about a/an character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, and Power Rangers Turbo. Icon-zeoIcon-turbo
"I'm afraid I have no choice but to give you DEE-tention!"
―Mr. Caplan[src]
Mr. Caplan
Mr. Caplan
Mighty Morphin
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Carlos and the Count
Number of Episode Appearances:
Full list of appearances
Henry Cannon

Mr. Caplan is the overly strict principal of Angel Grove High School. He is notable for frequently handing out detentions, with Bulk and Skull being his main targets. Whenever he hands out a detention, he puts a lot of emphasis on the first syllable of the word "detention". Despite his strict tendencies, he ultimately means well. Mr. Caplan's other main characteristic is that he wears an obvious and badly fitting wig which has a tendency to fall off (usually as a result of Bulk and Skull's pranks).

From "Rita's Seed of Evil" to "Crystal of Nightmares", he filled in as teacher for Ms. Appleby's class. He also

The character's final appearance is in the episode "Carlos And The Count", and he is never seen nor mentioned again after this point due to him being written off of the show. He never appears in the following seasons as a result, leaving his ultimate fate left unanswered.

The education award Alyssa Enrilé received in "A Father's Footsteps" was possibly[1] named after him, implying that he became famous in the meantime.

Character History
Mighty Morphin
Behind the Scenes
Character HistoryEdit
Mighty MorphinEdit
In "Teamwork", Mr. Caplan turned to see the hallway still a mess from Bulk and Skull's shenanigans that morning and demands to talk to the Ranger teens before he is called away by a staff member. This gives them enough time to clean up the mess and pretend to Mr. Caplan that there was not even a mess at all.

Mr. Caplan's first named appearance is in the episode "Food Fight", where Angel Grove High organized a food festival to raise funds for playground equipment. Unfortunately, the festival turned into a food fight due to Bulk and Skull. Mr. Caplan lost his temper, broke up the food fight, and angrily put Jason in charge of the clean up duty. A while later, he returned, telling the Ranger teens he knows they weren't responsible and bought a 20 dollar sandwich to pay for the remaining funds. However, this was one of the spicey sandwiches used to defeat the Pudgy Pig, causing Mr. Caplan to yell for water.

In "A Bad Reflection on You", a group of Putties, disguised as the Ranger teens pulled a prank on mr. Caplan, resulting in him placing the real rangers in detention with Bulk and Skull as punishment. This prevented the rangers from doing their duty. When Kimberly tried to escape, she was caught by mr. Caplan, who shoved her back into the detention room. When the Rangers teleported away to fight Twin Man, Bulk and Skull tried to snitch on them for running away. But when Mr. Caplan returned, the rangers were already back from their battle, resulting in him telling Bulk and Skull that he will see them tomorrow.

In "Return of an Old Friend, Mr. Caplan organized a Parents' Day at the youth center. Once again, due to Bulk and Skull, this event turned into a food fight. Mr. Caplan angrily asks Ms. Appleby why she doesn't do something about it. Appleby replies by saying that if you can't beat them, you should join them, after which she pushes a cake onto Mr. Caplan's head. In a rare display of playfulness, the principal goes along with this and starts throwing food around.

In "Rangers Back in Time" Pt. 2, it was shown that Mr. Kaplan had his original hair before he suffered from hair loss.

Mr Caplan is seen "Graduation Blues", telling Billy he's graduated early from Angel Grove High, due to his exceedingly high grades.

In "Shift into Turbo: Part III", Mr. Caplan shows up to tell Justin that he will be a freshman due to his high score on the equivalency test.

In his last appearance, "Carlos and the Count", he catches Bulk & Skull, who were snooping on Carlos and drags them to detention for being in Angel Grove High despite graduating.

Mr. Caplan is a very strict man, wanting his students to stick to the rules at all times. Not doing so will usually result in him giving out detentions. He also seems to very quickly jump to conclusions, resulting in him blaming and lashing out to the wrong person whenever something goes wrong. Despite this, he also shows a caring side, complimenting students on their achievements and is not above admitting his mistakes, when realizing he came to the wrong conclusion. On rare occasions, he can display a playful side, such as when he goes along with a food fight.

Behind the ScenesEdit
Mr. Caplan is portrayed by Henry Cannon.
Icon-mmprMighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1)
Episode 3: Teamwork
Episode 6: Food Fight
Episode 27: Wheel of Misfortune
Episode 33: The Yolk's on You!
Episode 38: A Bad Reflection on You
Episode 40: Doomsday Part II
Episode 41: Rita's Seed of Evil
Episode 42: A Pig Surprise
Episode 44: Lions & Blizzards
Episode 45: Crystal of Nightmares
Episode 49: Return of an Old Friend Part I
Episode 50: Return of an Old Friend Part II
Episode 58: Football Season
Icon-mmprMighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2)
Episode 1: The Mutiny, Part I
Episode 3: The Mutiny, Part III
Episode 5: Putty on the Brain
Episode 6: Bloom of Doom
Episode 40: Rangers Back in Time, Part II
Episode 41: The Wedding, Part I
Episode 47: Best Man for the Job
Icon-mmprMighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 3)
Episode 15: The Potion Notion
Episode 32: The Sound of Dischordia
Icon-zeo Power Rangers Zeo
Episode 10: Graduation Blues
Episode 15: There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part I (archive footage only)
Episode 18: Inner Spirit
Icon-turbo Power Rangers Turbo
Episode 2: Shift Into Turbo, Part II
Episode 3: Shift Into Turbo, Part III
Episode 28: The Fall of the Phantom
Episode 40: Carlos and the Count


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Monsters, Inc. Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios Pete Docter (director); Andrew Stanton, Daniel Gerson (screenplay); John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Mary Gibbs, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly, Frank Oz Comedy, Family Animation

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Tristan Teasdale And Daphne Teasdale
When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago.

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Charlie and Itchy return to Earth to find Gabriel's Horn, but along the way meet up with a young boy named David, who ran away from home.

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Matthew Michael Murdock
Matt Murdock
Mother Teresa
The Man in the Mask
The Man in Black
The Mask
Black Mask
The Masked Idiot
Собака в Маске[1]
The Devil of Hell's Kitchen
Heckle and Jeckle (with Foggy Nelson)
Devil Man
Altar Boy
Blind Bastard
Saint Matthew
Our Mutual Friend
Our Friend In The Mask
The Horny One
The Loyal One
A Blind Man Who Can See
Blind Ninja
Devil Boy
The Costume Guy
Pro Bono Lawyer
Blind Lawyer
Our Mutual Friend With the Multiple Lives
A Man without Fear
The Other Guy
The Guy in the Mask
Unidentified Assailant
Franklin Nelson
Hell's Kitchen's Renowned Vigilante
The Hero of Hell's Kitchen
Mr. Daredevil
Flag of United States of America American
Columbia University (formerly)
Landman and Zack (formerly)
NM Sign Nelson and Murdock (formerly)
Defenders (formerly)
Nelson, Murdock and Page
Tristan Teasdale As Daredevil Matth Murdock

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Bart the General

◄ There's No Disgrace Like Home
Bart the General
Moaning Lisa ►
The simpsons tv
Bart the General

Episode Number
Production Code
Original Airdate
800px-Flag of the United States.svg February 4, 1990
Australian Flag February 17, 1991
Main character(s)
Bart Simpson
Grampa Simpson
Chalkboard Gag
This episode did not feature a chalkboard gag
Show Runner
James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Sam Simon
Written By
John Swartzwelder
Directed By
David Silverman
“I promise you victory, I promise you good times!”
―Bart Simpson
"Bart the General" is the fifth episode of Season 1. This is one of the two episodes that doesn't include a chalkboard gag or a couch gag in the Opening Sequence, the other being Life on the Fast Lane.

Full Story
Behind the Laughter
Use in Scientific Research
International Air dates
External links
After defending Lisa from school bully Nelson Muntz, Bart becomes Nelson's latest school bullying target. Having become sick of the harassment and torment, Bart, Grampa Simpson, and Herman (a slightly deranged military antique store dealer with a missing arm) rally the town's children into fighting back against Nelson and his cronies.

Full Story Edit
Bart and Lisa fight over Lisa's cupcakes

The episode begins inside the Simpsons' kitchen, where Lisa is baking cupcakes to bring to Miss Hoover for her birthday at school. Once at the schoolyard, Lisa shows off her cupcakes to her friends and one of Nelson's minions steals the cupcakes and begins to eat them. Bart comes over to Lisa's rescue and attacks the bully (who is a White Weasel and friend of Nelson Muntz and was voiced by Kath Soucie/Nancy Cartwright). Nelson then comes over to break up the fight; he picks up Bart by the shirt collar with Bart blindly swinging. One of Bart's punches lands and gives Nelson a bloody nose. Everyone gasps at seeing this. Nelson tells Bart he will get him after school. Inside the classroom, a worried Bart imagines about the showdown with Nelson after school where there is nothing Bart can do to defeat Nelson.

In the lunchroom, everyone hails Bart as a hero. A modest and nervous Bart downplays the situation. Nelson walks up to a trembling Bart to remind him about the fight after school. Back in the classroom, Bart daydreams again this time about his own funeral in which his family mourns him, especially Homer, who has then grown a conscience and realized that his son was more important than work. Lisa places a cupcake on Bart, reflecting on how the fight was her responsibility. Nelson notices this and pounds him one last time. Back in reality, after school, a nervous Bart darts around the playground hoping to avoid Nelson. Bart turns a corner only to see Nelson standing right in front of him. Nelson promptly pummels Bart, throws him in a trash can, and informs Bart to meet again Tomorrow after school for another beating.

Nelson Bleeding (Bart the General)
Nelson bleeds from his confrontation with Bart.

The garbage can with Bart inside rolls to a stop in front of the Simpson house, and a weary Bart stumbles out and goes inside the house. Once inside, Bart walks past his parents in the living room and heads to the bathroom to cry. Marge sends Homer in to console Bart. Marge eavesdrops on the conversation and when it is revealed that Nelson is picking on Bart, she bursts in and gives Bart advice. She advises him to talk nicely to Nelson and try to settle things like gentlemen. Homer disagrees and takes Bart into another room and shows him how to fight Simpson's style (i.e. dirty).

The next day, after school, in the schoolyard, Bart uses Homer's advice and flings mud in Nelson's eye, which only makes Nelson furious. Nelson beats up Bart again, throws him into another trash can and rolls is away. Once again in front, the Simpson house, the trash can rolls to a stop. Lisa is sitting out on the sidewalk and suggests Bart seek Grandpa Simpson's advice.

Bart goes to the retirement home and visits Grandpa. Grandpa tells Bart to just stand up for himself. An elderly neighbor named Jasper enters Grandpa's room and demands Grandpa's newspaper. Grandpa says no and stands up for himself. The two have a tug-of-war over the newspaper and Jasper wins. Realizing that Bart standing up for himself might not work, Grandpa says he is friends with someone who can help. Grandpa and Bart go over to Herman's Military Antiques to ask Herman for advice. Herman tells them Bart needs to start a small army and they begin to devise a plan.

Bart as a General (Bart the General)
Bart the General

At school, a note is passed around class. The note tells the kids that anyone fed up with Nelson should meet at Bart's treehouse after school. Inside the treehouse, a group of kids along with Herman and Grandpa wait for Bart to arrive. Bart stumbles in after being beaten up again and rallies the recruits and encourages them to join in his battle plan against Nelson. A montage of army marches, drills, obstacle courses, and training with Bart as the drill sergeant commences. Back inside the treehouse, days later, the battle plan is being finalized by Bart, Lisa, Herman, and Grandpa. Milhouse steps in and informs Bart of Nelson's whereabouts, and the battle plan begins. Outside on the streets, Bart confronts Nelson and out of nowhere Bart's army appears with water balloons much to Nelson's surprise. Water bombing takes place and Nelson is captured. Bart wheels a tied up Nelson in a wagon back to the Simpson house. Bart tells Nelson that he hoped he has learned his lesson and reaches to untie him, but Nelson says as soon as he is free he is going to pound Bart.

Inside the Simpson house, Herman draws up a peace treaty between Bart and Nelson which they both sign. Marge steps in and hands out cupcakes. In the conclusion of the episode, Bart sits on a table in a library and tells the viewers about the seriousness of war.

Behind the LaughterEdit
Production Edit
This is the first episode to not feature a chalkboard gag or a couch gag since the episode’s running time was too long to use the normal opening sequence. Instead, they just cut to an image of the Simpson house. David Silverman was the director and was kind of stressed, because he was doing storyboards for this episode while also directing "Bart the Genius". Originally, he had planned to use the song “War” by Edwin Starr in the episode. The plans were dropped when they agreed that the song did not really fit the story. The episode had problems with the censors, who did not want the characters to say "family jewels" on prime time television. The producers ignored the notes and "family jewels" remained in the episode.

Two new characters were introduced in this episode. The first one is Nelson Muntz, who remains a frequently used recurring character. The second is Herman, who has been used less. The design of Herman except for only having one arm was inspired by the look of the writer John Swartzwelder. The voice was partly inspired by George H. W. Bush and performed by Harry Shearer. The original idea with Herman was that every time he would be shown he would have a different story to why he only has one arm.

Reception Edit
Matt Groening notes on the commentary track that he finds it strange how controversial this episode seemed at the time of its release. Today, they would go a lot further and to him, this episode now seems harmless. The authors of the book I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide, Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood, said: "Some good lines and set pieces aside - we love Bart's fantasy of death at Nelson's hands - this episode nevertheless feels a bit unsure of itself, particularly towards the end." In a DVD review of the first season David B. Grelck gave the episode a rating of 3/5 and adds, "Another episode that helped to propel Bart's popularity into the stratosphere."

Use in Scientific Research Edit
"Bart the General" and Seinfeld's The Tape were used in a Dartmouth College experiment to study brain activity in relation to humorous moments in television shows. The results were published in a 2004 issue of the academic journal Neurological. The researchers noted, "During moments of humor detection, significant [brain] activation was noted in the left posterior middle temporal gyrus ... and left inferior frontal gyros."

International Air dates Edit
Germany: September 27, 1991
Hungary: September 18, 1998
Italy: November 29, 1991

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Toy Story Andy 17 ages

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Rubeus Hagrid In Big Butt